Dave Whitlock’s “Near Nuff Sculpin”

Tied by FWFF Frank Huneycutt

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.03.05 AM

Frank recently shared this classic pattern with us at a Thursday night tying get together at Cafe’ Acapulco. Frank and myself both have plans to fish for Smallmouth Bass in Arkansas this summer. This fly should be a fly box standard for any fly angler targeting bronze backs. Although designed by Whitlock to imitate bottom dwelling Sculpin’s that inhabit rocky rivers. It is a universal fish catcher that can be tied in a variety of sizes, colors, sink rates, and accent materials. Trout, Panfish, Carp are some of the other species that will eat a “ Near Nuff Sculpin“. Frank has landed some nice Largemouths on some local ponds and I’m having good results on all three species of Bass that inhabit the Brazos River using this pattern. It’s a relatively easy tie that is durable and effective.

Hook : # 4 -10 Tiemco 5262 or similar 3xl Streamer hook Thread : Olive UTC 140

Eyes : Red or Yellow Medium Dumbell

Tail : 2 Tips of Olive Grizzly Soft Hackle

Flash : Pearl Krystal Flash

Rib : Copper Brassie Wire

Body : Sculpin Olive SLF Dubbing Hackle : Olive Grizzly Soft Hackle Head : Sculpin Olive SLF Dubbing

For more details on tying and history of the fly please visit:

www.intheriffle.com/fishing-videos/fly-tying/near-nuff- sculpin


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