***New Plan***

April Outing – Brazos River Float Trip – April 25th DAY TRIP ONLY


The more I learn about the south Brazos River Nature Center, the more I am unsure that it would be a good idea for this outing.  It needs to be scouted out first.  The 200 yard drag of equipment and kayaks just does not sound too appealing for an old guy like myself.
Who is going:
I have cancellations from Bill Hodges and Phillip Bressinck and commitments from Steve Pio and Ali Roshan.  I have a tentative from Mark Kolanowski.    I have not heard from John Dunn, Greg Kohn and Ted Moore.  Assuming those guys are coming, we have six on the outing.
What do I propose? 
Here is what I propose.  Make it a day trip launching from Dick’s Canoe Rentals on the Brazos (north side of the road where HWY 2114 crosses the Brazos below Lake Whitney).  There is plenty of good fishing along that stretch of the river. I believe there is a $5.00 launch fee at Dick’s.
I will be at Dicks at 7:30 am Saturday morning.
See you then,
Bryce Bezant
Sorry for the change up but considering the attendance and the unknowns, I believe this will be a lot better trip.

For those with a sense of adventure and roughing it, the club will take an overnight kayak and/or canoe trip down the Brazos River. The excursion will be from Dicks on the Brazos below Lake Whitney and camping at the TPWD overnight primitive camping site. It is about a four mile trip with some good fishing along the way. If water conditions are right, we can continue down stream to the TPWD Brazos River access/take out (getting mileage for that stage).

Another option is to just join the club for the day and fish up or down stream from Dicks. Don’t have a kayak or canoe? Call Richard (soon! He books big groups this time of year.) who owns Dicks Canoe Rentals on the Brazos for rentals (see below). Cost is $60 for an Old Town canoe or double kayak and $32 for a single kayak. There is a $6.00 launch fee at Dick’s and you will have to haul your boat down a hill. We will have shuttle service back to Dicks
on Sunday if we decide to go to the pull out. Dicks is located on Hwy 2114 where it crosses the Brazos River- 254.622.8364

This will be fishing primarily for Large Mouth Bass and Perch. April is when the bass are nesting and they become very aggressive. A 6wt to 8wt rod is probably what you will want to use with poppers, streamers and things that imitate those plastic worm-a-ma-gigs that those insane Bass Fishermen use. Contact Bryce Bezant if you would like to go on the outing. He will have the most up to date information about times and meeting points.


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