Name: Chad Koppenhafer

FWFF member since (year): The Woodcock Era

Fishing since: early 70’s

Favorite place to fly fish: Alaska

The last place I fly fished: Dolores, CO

My dream fly fishing trip is: for Dorado

and with whom: a knowledgeable guide

Favorite fish to catch: the one biting today

Best fly fishing memory: Upper Columbia catching a 27” redside rainbow with Canadian Mounties watching through binoculars

When I’m not fly fishing, I like to: Tie Flys

The reason I like fly fishing is: I catch more fish than with conventional tackle in many cases, can release the fish to fight another day and use a bait I made myself to fool the fish.

Anything else we should know about you?

My favorite color is light tan, my favorite animal is poppys.
I like serving the Lord, hiking, play volleyball and dry toast with unavailable women.



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