This is the UPDATED list of FWFF Auction items, including item

numbers and descriptions by category. Use it to plan your

bidding strategy!


L1 – The Tumbling Trout Guide Service, near 7-Mile Canyon, Colo. This is a full day all-inclusive trip for two on the South Platte River. Choice of two out of five locations, including the Dream Stream.

L2 – Nubby’s Guide Service, half-day (6 to noon) on your choice of Lake Whitney, Alvarado, Possum Kingdom, Benbrook, or Squaw Creek.

L4 – Creek guided trip in DFW area with Les Jackson.

L5 – Guided trip on Nolan River with Russell Husted for two to include lunch and six Clouser minnows each.

L6 – Bon Ton Roulet cabins on the Llano River in Junction, Texas, for a two-night stay.

L7 – Guadalupe River half-day guided trip, week days only, with Chris Jackson, Action Anglers of New Braunfels.

L9 – Full day boat trip on Brazos River or area lake for two anglers, lunch included.

L10 – From Zia Fly in Taos, N.M., a half-day guided trip on New Mexico rivers by Spencer Siem

L11 – From Sasquatch Fly Fishing in Estes Park, Colo., a full day guided trip for four.

L12 – Inflatable pontoon boat and all accessories.

L13 – From Backwater Adventures, two half-day guided trips with Dennis North on Caddo Lake.

L14 – Dinner for six to eight people provided by Barry Webster and Rick and Patti Haness.

L15 – From Wolf Creek Anglers Fly Shop in South Fork, Colo., a full day guided float trip on the Rio Grande River.

L16 – Peter Breeden, head guide at Beavers Bend Fly Shop, takes you on a half-day trip on Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma.

L17 – Weekend lodging and guided fishing trip on the Buffalo River, Gilbert, Ark., for up to four people.

L18 – From Fly Fish Rockport, a full day guided trip with Jeff Johnson along the Texas coast.

L19 – From Longear Fly Fishing LLC, a 2-hour guided trip in Texas or Oklahoma for one provided by guide and stream ecologist, Jeremy Jordon.

L20 – A framed fishing photo poster, “The Art of Deception” by FWFF member Mark Kolanowski.

L21 – A Hobie 5-foot, solid pontoon kick boat in green.

L22 – Oklahoma guide Donovan Clary takes you on a half-day float trip for smallmouth bass.

L23 – Lodging on the Brazos River, a two-night stay during the week.

L24 – From River Run Outfitters of Branson, Mo., a half-day float trip.

Rod Wall
RW01 – Satoki Tenkara rod with kit pack and book
RW02 – Sage fly rod, 5 wt., 9 ft., two-piece with hard case
RW03 – Orvis Rod from Aztek Anglers
RW04 – TFO Mangrove with NEX reel
RW05 – TFO Axiom II with BVK reel

Five-Dollar Raffles
501 – Egg sucking leech assortment
502 – Poly stringers, two, each 9 feet
503 – Cold water fishing gloves, four
504 – Zinger selection
505 – Hook remover
506B1 – Wading belt and shoulder strap
508 – Korkers I-Drain brook trout-colored wader socks, new
509 – Barry’s Ice Flies, three
510B1 – Fly Wallet
511 – Saltwater flies, 18 count
512 – 0X and 1X leaders, two of each
513 – Prisma markers, four
514 – Tubing, two orange, silver and clear
515 – Liquid Fusion, urethane adhesive, three bottles
516 – Floating line, used, 8-wt.
517 – Peacock herl, two packs
518 – Multiple threads, five packs
519 – Tubing, three gold, silver and white
520 – Pack of lead strips
521 – Large Box of Mustad and Carrie Stevens saltwater hooks, dozens
522 – Ty-Rite small hook holder pens, four
523B1 – waterproof hat, yellow/tan
524B1 – Caddo Lake aerial map, large
525 – DVD on panfish and bass fishing
526 – Large bags of fly tying materials, 4
528 – DeVest net holder and wader belt, never used
529 – Dozen panfish flies
530 – Arkansas Smith whetstone
531 – Angler’s Image nymph shot dispenser
532 – Trout Unlimited fold-out knife
533 – Cabela’s multitool
534 – Fly box, double sided with small inside boxes, green
535 – $25 gift certificate from Academy Sports
536 – Barry’s Ice Flies, 3
537 – Fish Grabber tool, new
538 – Spineless Wunder Boner, fish bone remover
539 – Wall clock featuring fly fisherman while casting, with black background
540 – Tying feathers, two bags
541 – One deer skin
542 – March Brown tying materials for flies, packet
543 – Blades for electric fishing knife
544 – Framed original fly art with colorful fly

Ten-Dollar Raffles
101B1 – pack of large tubing for fly tying
102B1 – pack of Ice fly hooks
103B1 – pack of Icelandic sheep hair
104 – Rio sink tip line, WF 8F/S6
105B2 – Polar flash, holographic, 5 count
106B2 – Flashabou, lateral scale, 5 count
107B2 – Pack of flash, 5 count
108B2 – Pack of Mylar Krystal flash, 10 count
109B3 – EP fibers, orange, two
110B3 – Pack of sparkle flash and polar flash, 9 total
111B3 – Pack of flashabou and polar flash, 7 count
112 – Yak tail, tan natural
113B3 – Pack of flash, 5 count
114B4 – Deer hair, green
115B4 – Deer hair black, blue and orange
116B4 – Large Pack deer hair red, orange, lavender
117B4 – Pack of lavender goat hair, arctic fox blue, deer hair black
118B5 – Atlantic salmon leaders, six
119 – Pack of eight fly tying tools
120B6 – Zonker strips, rabbit, eight colors
121B6 – Squirrel tail and calf tail, three
122B7 – Hook assortment, 3
123B7 – Hook assortment, 3
124B8 – Braid, green, orange and white
125B8 – Braid, orange, Pearl, green, silver and root beer
126B8 – Braid, copper, silver, green and root beer
127B8 – Braid, all orange, 5
128B8 – Braid, light green, red, dark green and gold
129B8 – Braid, orange, red, tan and Pearl
130 – Box of 16 Chubby Chernobyls
131 – Box of 35 Tailwaters soft hackle flies
132 – 10’X 10’ canopy
133 – Butterfly collection in glass frame
134 – Collapsible fish net
135 – Southwest Outfitters air-dry duffle
136B8 – Chenille, olive and Pearl
137 – Spinning rod with reel, Shakespeare Microseries, 7 ft., 5-10 lb. test
138 – Spinning rod with reel, Tournament Choice Tremor, 6 ft. 6 inches, 8-12 lb. test
139 – Spinning rod with reel, Ocuma Steeler X-P, 6 ft., double handle, 4-10 lb. test
140 – Signature Collection, Montana
141 – Six Flags Over Texas tickets, 8 total, bundled in 4’s
142 – South Llano River Canoe and Kayaks, 2-day kayak rental and shuttle service
143 – Jared Lindsey Photography 30-minute photo session
144 – TC Paddlesports at Panther Island 1-hour boat rental for two
145 – New book from Charlie Cravens: Tying Streamers valued at $50
146 – Large box of 21 different saltwater hooks, hundreds
147 – Mirror, 2×3 feet, with wooden frame depicting carved flies
148 – Mystery box of bass lures from Karl’s Fly Fishing, Fort Worth, $80 value
149 – Large Field and Stream fishing bag storing six plastic boxes to hold flies or lures. Perfect for a new fly fisher as it includes the essential nymph, bass bug and dry fly patterns
150 – Two small plant stands, 12×12, 3 ft. tall
151 – Water cooler, 30 gallons
152 – Back pack for multi-use
153 – Apex fly tying Vise with tools
154 – Life vest -PFD
155 – Cabela’s steel toe work boots, size 7 ½ D
156 – Garvin GPS Navigator for car
157 – Beginner Fly Tying Kits in wooden boxes (3)
158 – Apex Fly Tying Vise with tools
159 – Orvis sling pack, new
160 – Box of bream flies, 24
161 – Box of Tailwaters soft hackles, 35
162 – Box of Chubby Chernobyls, 16
163 – Box of saltwater flies, 17 total
164 – Bag of flies tied by Joe Estes
165 – Rachel’s Food Truck, South Fork, Colo., gourmet burger lunch for four
167 – Cooler for 12 drinks, blue, perfect for kayak lunch and drinks
168 – Yellow fly box containing Monomaster tippet keeper, a water net for insects, indicators and fishing net magnets for fly vest (2)
169 – Fishpond belly pack
171 – Ascent 30-gallon dry bag, blue
172 – Marine Ryder 30-gallon dry bag, yellow
173 – Green fishing bag from the late Ken Prehoditch
174 – Wooden fly boxes with tools (2), earlier club use.
175 – Down vest, XL
176 – Basket of Scents
177 – Wading staff and extra rubber tip
178 – Black box of 80 different Caddis dry flies
179 – Clamp lights (4)
180 – Wooly Bugger packet
181 – Feather capes, 2 packets
182 – Salmon Fly by Bill Hodges in camping frame – “Jungle Majesty”
183 – Salmon fly, “The Sheriff” by Mike Morphew
184 – Salmon Fly in white frame, “The Shannon” by Joe Estes
185 – Rim Fly reel, line and backing, for 2 – to 3-wt. rods
186 – Fly tying Station

Twenty-dollar raffles
201 – Hodgeman Classic wading boots, size 9
202 – Stephen Woodcock, 1-hour casting lesson for two
203 – Bronze Statue of fly fisherman with netted trout, “Until We Meet Again”, by Mark Pierce
205 – Norm Tremblay original acrylic painting 16×20 inches, fly fisherman on Italian Alps stream
207 – Orvis fly-fishing vest, large
208 – All hard-bound volumes of Left Kreh’s flyfishing library (collector’s item)
209 – Library of nine volumes of the Art of Angling Journal
210 – Cumberland float tube
211 – 4-hour session for up to two people tying Catskill dry flies, by Barry Webster
212 – Fly tying lesson for one and thread control lessons for up to five from Dutch Baughman
218 – Simms large waders, size 9-11 feet
219 – Fishpond chest pack, 8 x 6 inches
220 – Fishpond chest pack, 11 x 8 inches
221 – Orvis waders, small
222 – Wooden duck decoys (3)
223 – Carved Bluegill fish, mounted, by Bill Hodges
224 – REI Kingdom cot 3, $200 value, new
225 – Tower Smoker with random items
226 – Large green Orvis backpack with hanging storage pockets
227 – Original Fishy Fullum framed painting of two elderly fly fishermen

Silent Auction/ Buy-Me-Now
SA01 – The Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing by Terry Mort, book
SA02 – Fishy’s Flies by Jay “Fishy” Fullum, book
SA03 – A Jar Full of Hoppers by Fishy Fullum, book
SA04 – Fly Tying with Common Household Items by Fishy Fullum, book
SA05 – Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis by Howell Raines, book
SA06 – Wooly Wisdom by Gary Soucie, book
SA07 – Tying Foam Flies by Skip Morris, book
SA08 – Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniel, book
SA09 – Thunder Creek Flies, for baitfish by Keith Fulsher, book
SA10 – Guide to the San Juan River, maps by Duwain Whites
SA11 – Why I Fly Fish, by Chris Santella, book
SA12 – Landon Meyer, Giant Trout and Others, book
SA13 thru SA23 – 11 empty fly boxes
SA24 – Rod sock, TFO Professional Series 2 , 5 wt., 9 ft., 4pc
SA25 thru SA27 – TFO fly rod socks, three

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