By Russell Husted
Outing Host
On June 23-25 we will take a trip to the South Llano River outside of Junction. The plan is to use Friday as a travel day, but fishing options are available if you wish to arrive earlier. This is one of my favorite areas to fish, as the water levels always seem to be consistent throughout the year.

There are 3 different floats available for us to do. Access is at the crossings to the west of Junction. The floats are not difficult, but there are some challenges to work through. Like most hill country waters, if you ever get in trouble, just stand up! The three floats will be your choice. There is a short 3-hour float, a half-day float and a full-day float. The water temps stay pretty consistent, which is another plus.

Lodging must be booked on your own at this location, a motel in the area. It’s lean and very cheap. Start making your reservations now.

Here is a link to the map, shown at right, for the drive down from Fort Worth

Kayak rental and shuttles will be available. Russell will be setting the shuttles, and if you would like to rent a kayak, please give Rhonda and Curtis at South Llano River Canoes and Kayaks a call to reserve. Great people, and they are excited about working with us. Call them at 325-446-2220.

It will be warm, so be prepared with sun protection and plenty of water. Flies to use will be your normal bass flies, crawfish patterns, topwaters, etc. I like flies that have brown and orange in them, but most anything put on the basses’ radar will grab their attention. Don’t hesitate to bring a spinning rod with you as well. Soft plastics that resemble crawfish are extremely effective!!

Expect to catch Guadalupe bass, with occasional Largemouth bass, and a variety of panfish, and if lucky. a Rio Grande cichlid.

Best fly rods for this type of fishing are 5 and 6 weight ones that you are comfortable using in your kayak. There are places to get out of the yak and fish, too.

There are many good places to dine at in Junction, and we will discuss that Friday night.

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