As fly fishers, we’d rather net a big haul of bass, trout or any other favorite fish. But on Nov. 12, a hardy crew of more than 80 FWFF members, school groups and other conservation-minded folks entered the banks of the Brazos River around the Texas 16 bridge below the Possum Kingdom dam to pick up trash. And a haul it was by the Third Annual Brazos Cleanup Project!

Sharp-eyed readers might count 162 bags of debris that were pulled from the area, a popular put-in spot for kayakers as well as waders and bank fishers. FWFF members were treated to a tour of the nearby fish hatchery operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department the same morning, and the Fort Worth Orvis store sponsored a pre-party the evening of Nov. 11.

FWFF Conservation Director Greg Ramirez organized the club’s participation. If you spot someone you know if this photo, please thank them for a job well done.


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