Every year in July, August and September, Fort Worth Fly Fishers holds its Summer Learning Series. July surveys general skills and safety, August is all about fly tying, and September focuses on casting. There is an article about the August session in this newsletter, and details of the casting session will be provided closer to that meeting.

On July 5 we kick off with a lineup of knowledgeable presenters who will share their particular interests. Dutch Baughman will show how to make the most out of Fly Fishers International’s online fly tying resources available to members – which includes, of course, every member of FWFF! And Barry Webster will show just how varied those resources are with an overview of FFI membership benefits.

FWFF Treasurer Liz Davis, a kayaker and diver in addition to fly fisher, shares safety tips that could keep you out of trouble or save your bacon if you get into trouble.

Steven Woodcock, fly fishing manager at the Orvis Fort Worth store, and longtime FWFF member and leader Les Jackson share their deep knowledge of area waters and winning techniques. And Kiera Quam wraps it up with a look at what the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department brings to fly fishing and the outdoor experience in the state.

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