By Russell Husted
FWFF member

The time is near for my favorite season of the year: Springtime and white bass fishing.

Please join the club’s March 20 outing on the Nolan River near Blum off Texas 933. A short distance from Cleburne, the Nolan River is one of my favorite white bass locations. With clear water, limestone bluffs and cedar trees, the Nolan is a beautiful place to go. We will meet at 6:30 a.m. at the Conoco in Blum for a briefing, then head on down to the parking area off Texas 933 to gear up and chase some sandies (as white bass are called in Texas).

Every spring, white bass run up creeks and rivers for their annual spawn. Large numbers of white bass can be concentrated in small sections of water, exposing themselves to be caught on a variety of flies and tactics. My favorite fly to use on sand bass are simple: the jig fly, Clouser minnow, bent-back minnow and a few other simple patterns.

Gear recommendations:
• 9-foot, 5-weight or 6-weight rod with floating line
• Intermediate sink tip line always works well for getting flies deeper
• 7-foot to 9-foot, 3x or 4x mono leader
• Flies: Minnow imitations like Clouser Minnow, Cypert Minnow, Murdich minnow, The Moreau Fly

The outing is a day trip and we will spread out on the river to avoid crowding. The Burger Bar (109 N. Anglin St. in Cleburne; 817/645-9031) is just off US 67, has great burgers and fries, and orders can be called in ahead of time. To sign up or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Outings host Russell Husted at, (972)-567-4155 or Outings Director Chris Patnode at , (817)819-5519.

NOTE: We have a new Covid-19 waiver form that is printed nearby. Please either print one and sign it or be prepared to sign one at the outing. Thanks, and see you there.

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