Capt. Edward Tamson, our November speaker, has been a passionate angler and conservation advocate since his first backpacking and fly fishing trips into the California High Sierras more than five decades ago. After a successful career as a corporate consultant, he followed his passion and became a Florida fly-fishing guide who also enjoys fishing throughout the United States, Canada and the Bahamas. In order to keep his own fly casting skills tuned up he competes in (ACA) Fly Casting National Tournaments (silver & bronze medal winner). He is an FFI-certified fly casting instructor and a U.S.A. Licensed Coast Guard Captain. In brief, he is an avid and inspiring fly fishing guide and coach.

Ed’s presentation, which will be made online via Zoom on Nov. 3, will describe the challenges and joys of fly fishing throughout the extensive backcountry of the Everglades National Park. There will be vivid descriptions of the people, exotic wildlife, epic game fish and the skills, equipment, flies and boats needed to have great fun. The link for the Zoom session is below:

Passcode  630386

Ed will provide us with his insights and answer all our questions including:
• What is this Beyond Catching fly-fishing philosophy all about, and will it help me catch more fish?
• What are the best times and methods for fly fishing in the Florida Everglades?
• What size and how easy are the snook, redfish and tarpon to catch and release?
• What can I specifically do to improve my fly fishing and casting skills?
• What is the ACA fly casting tournament casting all about?
• Why do we really fly fish?

You can learn more about Ed at:

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