The Sept. 12 drawing in our 2020 kayak/pontoon boat raffle produced three winning ticket holders as well as producing a big win for Fort Worth Fly Fishers, as ticket sales topped expectations. If your name was Chip, it really topped expectations. Here are the lucky folks:

Jackson Mayfly Kayak – Chip May
Jackson Cruise 12, Chip Rice
Pontoon Boat, Darren Rape

A huge Thank You! to the members and friends of Fort Worth Fly Fishers for their generous participation in the 2020 Annual Kayak Auction. Your purchase of raffle tickets in recent months allowed us to expand the raffle to three watercraft, enabling additional winners, and increasing everyone’s chances to win. Those ticket sales produced a big net contribution to the club’s bank account, providing an important source of funds in the absence of our regular fundraising auction.

We would also like to thank the coordinators of this event for their tenacious work in coordinating deliveries, collecting monies, and distributing tickets:
Past President, Bill Hodges
Past President, Rick Haness
Board Member, Kevin Marlow
Board Member, Liz Davis

We couldn’t have done it without you.

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