The scheduled outing set for Sept. 19 at Loughridge Lake in Fort Worth has been canceled. Individuals who wish to explore this urban lake can do so on their own. Information on the location continues below.

Loughridge Lake is located inside the Northwest Community Park, a Fort Worth city park sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and is located at 8575 Blue Mound Road, south of the U.S. currency printing plant. For lake access, use the park entrance closest to the nursery and not the park entrance nearest the athletic fields.

A kayak, canoe or float tube are necessary to best access this lake for panfish, bass, and crappie. A short 5- to 10-minute walk from the parking lot leads you down a widened sidewalk to the fishing pier and into the water for a scenic adventure.

A 4-weight to 6-weight fly rod with floating line and a 9-foot leader is ample for casting at the shallow banks and around the fishing pier. Sinking line on a spare spool or even a second setup with sinking line is great for reaching larger bass in the deeper depths of Loughridge Lake. A simple assortment of Clousers, crawfish patterns, small poppers or hopper flies will do. Small yellow BoogleBugs and Llanolope flies are effective for panfish.

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