Longtime FWFF member Stephen Woodcock, recently named fly-fishing manager at the new Fort Worth Orvis store, kicks off the New Year with a presentation titled: “Everything You Wanted To Know About Fly-Fishing Equipment But Were Afraid to Ask.”

Given his experience fly-fishing the world for more than 20 years and managing three different fly shops, Stephen knows his way around more than just rods and reels. Many of you might have attended one of his fly-tying evenings in the past at Backwoods or learned from his advice on equipment selection.

Such as, “Hey Stephen, why should I spend more money on fly reel when it just holds the line most of the time?” In my case, the response was, “Well, you have a point, but let me show you…” Let’s just say that in this example, after I bent the cast aluminum reel I picked, I now know a machined reel is stronger. And that’s what I buy now, even if it does cost more.

Come to our next membership meeting, Jan. 7 at the usual room at UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth, and see if you don’t learn something, too. See you there, and Happy New Year.

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