By Russell Husted
We are excited to share with you some details about our monthly outing for Sept. 20-22 . Many of you enjoyed the presentation that Donavan Clary shared with us recently. I know I did, and am really looking forward to this outing. We will be going to the Lake Tenkiller area in Oklahoma, not too far from Tulsa.

This area is very popular for outdoors people, and really sits well with our club. Donavan shared with us the many species of fish that call this area home, and we will be able to target most if not all of these species while we are there. This includes brown and rainbow trout, most all the bass species — stripers, white bass, black bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass – as well as panfish, carp, buffalo, gar, catfish, and who knows what else!!

The Lower Illinois River and Lake Tenkiller are the home waters that Donavan guides on and has been fishing most of his life. He will be with us and providing us helpful hints of how to be successful fishing this area. Donavan will also open his rental properties for us to stay at. The majority of us will stay at Blue Doors lodge at Tenkiller, which is already booked solid. Additional accommodations for 4-5 members are still available at Donavan Clary’s house on a first come-firstt serves basis. Cost is $50 per night per person. Also, if you are reserving a spot please pay your deposit at the August meeting.

Having stayed at this lodge, I am really excited about how much fun we will have staying here. Not only are the rooms simple and elegant, the outdoors area is where the real fun will be. What awaits us is a full outdoors paradise: Fire pits with chairs, wood smokers, grills, brick oven, full kitchen, and comfortable seating for us to enjoy.

Blue Doors also has kayak rentals available for us, so this enhances the options we will have. There is floating below the dam at Tenkiller, which is a true tailrace fishery. There is also floating above Tenkiller Lake, and excellent fishing for smallmouth bass. Wading will also be possible at the many access points on the Lower Illinois fishing areas.

This will be one of if not the best outing of the year, so make your plans now! Spots will fill up fast. There is also space for any who want to camp. Contact Chris Patnode at 817-819-5519 or to reserve your spot now. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the outing. An Oklahoma fishing license is required. Check for other regulations as well, before arriving.

Here are some other links that will help you with your plans.

Again, lodging is going fast. Make your plans to be at a super fun outing.

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