The July meeting of the FWFF Club is our annual “Education” meeting. This month we will focus on what we DO as a club, as well as some of the exciting aspects about being a member. This meeting is for YOU, it is your chance to learn more about what it is that the FWFF club has to offer, look-ahead of upcoming speakers, provide an overview of activities, and even give you an opportunity to get involved.

The format of the meeting will be a little different. There will be a number of Topic Tables set up throughout the room, and you will have an opportunity to spend a few minutes at each table hearing a brief overview about a specific function of the club as well as featured topics about various aspects of fly fishing, all presented by a FWFF club member.

Topics include:

o Guest Speakers — Glenn Guminski will do a little “vision casting” and share with you what he has planned for speakers over the next year, as well as a detailed speaker list of who we have hosted over the past few years. You can also offer speaker suggestions for next year.

o Club Outings — Chris Patnode will share what he has planned over the next few months, as well as some great reminders of where we have been over the past few years. Come learn more about club outings, and start thinking about which ones you want to attend.

o Conservation — David Hooper has been doing some exciting work for the club to build relationships with various agencies, drafting grant proposals and identifying projects that we can support. Come hear about what David has been doing with regard to being a better steward of the environment. You might discover an upcoming conservation project you want to get in on!

o Fly Fishing International — The FWFF Club is a member of Fly Fishing International. Come learn from Dutch Baughman about this fantastic resource, and what the near and long term a benefit of being a member of the FFI really means for our club

In addition to learning about what we DO, you can look forward to learning more about various aspects of fly fishing, including:

o Local Fishing; Come hear an overview of where to go to fish our local waters. Not sure where to go, and when? These guys know our local waters, and want to help put you on fish without having to go out of town!

o On The Water Rigging; Learn about the 3 basic knots that you need to know, and about the different types of leaders and tippet and when to use them.

o Club Communications – Facebook, the FWFF website and emails. How we keep members informed and connected.

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