As you know the “LAST CAST” Fund Raiser is in full swing, and it ends May 4. All the items are STILL in PLAY. A lot of you have submitted your bids, if you are a little worried about your first bid, you SHOULD be. Just take a look at what are, as of the time of this post, the current high bids for auction items. Some items have received identical high bids, but in such cases the FIRST such bid is the leader.

SB-A1 $35; SB-B1 $60; SB-E1 $30; SB-U2 $20; SB-G3 $10; SB-T3 $25; SB-I3 $10; SB-R4 $20; SB-H4 $10; SB-V5 $40′ SB-X5 $20; SB-W5 $75; SB-Y6 $20; SB-Z7 $50;SB-PP7 $15;0 SB-J8 $ 5; SB-O9 $30; SB-M9 $35; SB-N9 $40; SB-BB10 $20; SB-CC11 $15; SB-DD11 $30; SB-JJ12 $100; SB-HH13 $350

That’s the last bid update we will provide. If you haven’t bid yet the time is NOW. Bidding will cease at 6 PM on May 4. Winners will be notified May 5 and can pick up their items at the May 7 membership meeting.Click on the link below to see the list of items.

FWFF ROH FWF4 2019 LAST CAST FWF4 Last Cast 041419 Final Final 0541519 REV

There are several unique offers not available to us last year, one being a nicely discounted trip to Alaska, if you are not sure how this offer works please call me. It’s simple and a GREAT deal. We also have several guided trips that were not offered at the “Fundraiser” because of a crowded auction agenda, these trips are as worthy as any we have ever been able to offer, also in this “Last Cast” is a Custom made Bamboo Fly Rod, a one of a kind and a must have. Please offer generously for this trip so the club can benefit as well as you the successful WINNER!

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