So you think you’re a pretty good fly tyer, huh? Then warm up the vise and whip out a few masterpieces for a judged fly tying competition at this year’s upcoming Fort Worth Fly Fishing Fundraising Festival on March 3. Enter a fly (or several) in one or more of these categories:

  • Baitfish (streamers, etc.)
  • Terrestrials (hoppers, beetles, ants, etc.)
  • Top water poppers

The entry fee is $5 per fly or three for $10. To enter, bring your flies to the auction and submit them for judging by 8 p.m.. Each fly should be attached to a piece of paper or foam with your name, the category, and the name of the pattern. No loose flies will be accepted.

NOTE: All flies entered become the property of FWFF and will be donated to a special collection that will be auctioned at the fundraiser.

Judges will select the best fly in each category, based on proportions, skill in tying and overall appearance. Winners receive one of several prizes: a pair of Simms neoprene wading socks, a 6-x10-inch, double-sided, waterproof streamer box (holds about 330 streamers), or a Fishpond San Juan vertical chest pack.

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