Colorado Trip Update – July 16-23

This is a non-outing-outing. In other words, there is a group heading to Colorado, July 16-23, but it is the responsibility of the members to make their own plans and bring their own gear.

There is still time and room for anyone that wants to join us but you better make plans ASAP. Just so you know, it is an adventure, and one you will not forget soon. There is all types of fishing available that will satisfy most anglers. The creeks we fish are small, clear streams that are great for the dry fly sportsman. But this is not for everyone. It is difficult walking and strenuous, but very enjoyable. There are lakes to fish, big rivers to fish, and so much other activities to enjoy.

We will be based out of Foothills Lodge in Southfork, Colorado. Some will camp and join up with us at various times. This is another great way to enjoy the area. There are still rooms available at Foothills lodge. If those rooms rent out, no worries. Many other options available, and we will still work as a group. We meet every morning to discuss the day, and spread out nicely.

Our plans are to leave on Saturday the 16th mid-morning and drive to Raton, New Mexico. We spend the night and head on into Southfork Sunday morning. Fishing in the afternoon, and next 5 days, returning home unless we find a job on the 23rd.

At the conclusion of the July regular meeting, Russell will gather those who are going or interested in going. If you wish to make the trip, contact Russell Husted. He is not your planner, but will assist you with anything you may need.  972-567-4155.

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