GonzalezGuillermo Gonzalez from Backwoods gave a great presentation on Kayak Fishing for Bass in Texas at our May meeting. The first part of his presentation was about kayaks: how to choose one, the paddles and accessories. When thinking about purchasing a kayak, think about how you plan to use it. For example, if you like to tournament fish, speed might be important, so a kayak with a pedal drive would be good for you. Do you want more stability? There are kayaks built for that and allow you to both sit and stand as you fish.

Gonzalez also said you should also take a test ride in several kayaks before buying. Look for demo days or ask your dealer if they provide test rides. You are sure to find one that fits your needs, style and checkbook.

A good paddle is one of the most important accessories for your kayak. Paddles can range from $130 (plastic blade) to $450 (carbon fiber blade).  The lighter the paddle, the more efficient and less energy you will use to get around–thus more fishing time. Getting the right length for your height and kayak size is very important. He suggested visiting www.wernerpaddle.com for more info and how-to videos.

After the kayak discussion, Gonzalez shared detailed info about bass fishing throughout the seasons. He discussed how water temperatures affect bass behavior and what flies to use during what season.

If you have further questions, please visit Guillermo at Backwoods in Fort Worth. He’d be happy to help you find the kayak of your dreams to catch the bass of your dreams!


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