McGinty final 1The April Fly of the Month comes to us from the creative tying desk of Dave Etgen.  Dave is a true mentor to many of us and has a wealth of knowledge about fly fishing in general and fly tying especially. With roots from Ray Bergman’s classic book “Trout,” Dave’s version of the Bergman “Buck tail McGinty” has a few modifications that make the pattern a great one for local ponds and streams.   First published in 1938, “Trout” is a classic tome and a must have for all serious fly tiers. Here are Dave’s instructions for tying the Soft Hackle McGinty, including his great original artwork.  Dave will also be tying this pattern at the April meeting, so be sure to stop by and watch.


Hook:  3X Long Streamer/Nymph, size 10-12, Mustad 9672, Tiemco 5263, Eagle Claw LO58

Wire (optional):   Lead 0.20

Thread:   Danville 6/0 Flat waxed black

Tail:   Red Neck Hackle Barbs

Body:    Chenille – Yellow and Black in Medium

Collar:   Yellow or Black Laced Yellow Soft Hackle

Wrap the mid-section with lead wire, if desired.

Cover the hook shank and lead wire with thread and tie in a group of stripped red hackle barbs for the tail. Tail length should equal the hook gap.

Tie in and wrap a band of yellow chenille equal to 1/4 the hook shank length (one or two wraps are all that are needed).

Tie in and wrap a band of black chenille equal to 1/4 the hook shank length.

Tie in and wrap a band of yellow chenille equal to 1/4 of the hook shank length

Prepare a soft hackle feather for the collar and palmer it into the remaining 1/4 hook shank length (hackle should be 1-1/2 the hook gap in length).  Whip finish, creating a small thread head.

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