Casting Tip- Lay it Down!

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Have you ever wondered while watching someone cast, are they ever going to lay it down or get the dog whipping done? It seems that some casters feel that there are a required number of false casts to be made before they can lay it down.

Actually just the opposite is true because usually nothing good happens with too many false casts. The more you false cast the greater the chance of spooking the fish, the greater the chance of losing control, snagging brush, hooking yourself and so on and so on. Believe me, I know from experience. Also, I can’t remember the last time that I caught a fish in mid-air. That’s right, the fish are in the water and that is where the fly and line should be if the expectation is to catch a fish.

It is inefficient and energy is wasted if every time a pickup is made and four or five false casts are made when none, one or two would have done the job. It is no wonder that many are worn out and have sore arms at the end of the day because of too much false casting.

On the other hand false casting is a useful tool in your casting arsenal. With a FEW false casts you can dry a water logged fly, extend your line, change directions or correct your presentation. For beginning casters it can help develop a sense of timing between the forward and back casts.

I’m making a big assumption here and that is that we all practice our casting when not fishing, right? It is very difficult to remain or keep focused on two things at the same time, so when fishing, fish and when practicing, practice. When fishing you should go on auto-pilot, letting your practice take control of your actions and motions. OK, then with that assumption, the next time you practice your casting and you are making numerous false casts, practice with a purpose. That purpose would be to make as few false casts as needed to accomplish the cast. It makes no difference how many false casts you have been making, if you can reduce only one false cast you have made an improvement in efficiency. Just think how much more improvement would be gained with even fewer false casts.

Fly casting is all about control and efficiency of motion. That control and efficiency of motion is what we all strive for. It is a beautiful thing!

Bob Garber

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