FWFF Fly Of The Month 5/2015

Kelly Galloup’s Zoo Cougar

Tied & Fished by Mark Kolanowski

“Snow Days and Spinning Deer Hair”



When the snow days blew in and shut down DFW for a few days in the early part of 2015, I had some time to peruse the web and I came across two of Kelly Galloup’s YouTube segments. One on selecting and prepping deer hair for spinning. The other showing how he sets a collar and then spins his deer hair heads. Both of these are worth a look if you are learning to spin hair as I am. This led me to Kelly’s Zoo Cougar streamer which at first reminded me of a Muddler Minnow. One of my favorite streamers but can be a bit tricky to tie when setting the turkey feather wings. I was pleased to find I had all the necessary materials on hand and tied up a half dozen finding it a bit easier to tie than the Muddler. The Zoo Cougar fly is an un- weighted streamer and can be fished effectively on either a floating or sinking fly line. I did some initial water tests and was pleased. It casts well and can be worked on the surface with a bit of floatant applied to the deer hair. As you strip and manipulate the fly the collar folds back but when it pauses and floats to the surface air bubbles are released as the collar flares. Fished under the surface it has a very enticing action because the deer hair is trimmed flat on the bottom portion of the fly. This acts like a diving plane and the fly zigs and zags in a side to side motion. Winter hung on in Texas and it was several weeks before the real test came. Fishing for spring time Largemouth’s. The results have been great! Bass love the Zoo Cougar and it’s fun to watch them erupt out of their ambush lairs and eat it! I fished this fly at the recent Backwoods PFD kayak tournament and although I did not place in the money I was happy just to turn in my scorecard and photos of my Zoo Cougar fooled Trinity River bass that I caught within sight of the Fort Worth Zoo. This pattern has found a permanent home in my fly box. I can’t wait to try it on the Brown Trout of the White and Rio Grande rivers this summer.

Galloup’s Yellow Zoo Cougar

Hook : # 4 or 6 3xl Streamer Hook

Thread : Ultra GSP 100 or 140 Ultra Thread

Tail : Yellow Marabou

Body: Pearl Sparkle Braid

Under Wing : White Calf Tail

Wing : Wood Duck Gold or Mallard Flank

Head & Collar : Yellow Deer Body Hair


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