Name: Joe Ashcraft

FWFF member since (year): 2013, this time. I was a member twice before, but work always interfered with club activities. I’m retired now, so no more excuses!

Fishing since:  I was fishing with my Grandfather about as far back as I can remember. It was cane poles and bluegills then. Things have degenerated since. I started fly fishing in my early teens. In high school the “G’s,” girls, gasoline and grades got me away from fishing. About 20 years ago a friend in Arkansas invited me to go fly fishing for trout with him on the Little Red. I’ve been at it since. I’m beginning to fish with my own grandson now.

Favorite place to fly fish:  Trinity River south of I-20. Great fun with normal flows, but water flows due to the drought have made it tough. No flow or too much flow.

The last place I fly fished:  Blue River in Oklahoma. Never again.

My dream fly fishing trip is:  I don’t fantasize about a dream trip. I’m usually up for the next club outing.

and with whom: I really enjoy fishing with my son, Stephen.

Favorite fish to catch:  I enjoy fishing for bluegills. They’re easy to catch, fight hard and there are places to fish for them close to home.

Best fly fishing memory:  Last year Stephen was a participant in a Reel Recovery retreat at Broken Bow. I was his fishing buddy. The trout weren’t very cooperative, but it was a very special experience.

When I’m not fly fishing, I like to:  Build fishing rods and playing with the grandson.

The reason I like fly fishing is:  I enjoy being outdoors with friends. Fly fishing is a great excuse. Club outings have been a lot of fun since I connected with the club again.


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