Our May 5th regular monthly meeting will highlight the skills and knowledge of our own club members who have volunteered to convey some of their hard earned knowledge of all things fly fishing. The format will be to divide the attending members up into smaller groups and spend 10-12 minutes at each station.

The current line-up and topics are listed below:

  • Greg Kohn / Knot Tying
  • Seth Lewis / Leader Building
  • Les Jackson / Local Waters
  • Mark Kolanowski / Making & Blending Dubbing
  • Bob Garber / Setting Up & Care of Fly Tackle
  • Eric James / Nymphing Rigs
  • Bill Hodges / Intro to Fly Tying
  • Russell Hustead / Fly Fishing Colorado
  • Mike McCorkle / Be Kind to Your Catch & Environment
  • Laura Walters / FWFF Social Media & Web Access
  • Keira Quam / Entomology
  • Tony Kirk / Fly Fishing the Texas Coast
  • Jose Benevidas / Making Furled Leaders

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