Tying News From The International Federation of Fly Fishers

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The IFFF has recently implemented a fly tying skill award program. The program consists of three levels of merit: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Bronze level requirements are in place at this date. The Silver and Gold are under construction.

For the Bronze level tiers are required to present to an IFFF certified evaluator three examples of the five required patterns as well as three examples of each of three patterns of the tiers choice. The flies will be examined for accuracy, proportion, and consistency. The tier must also convey that he or she also has a working knowledge of the tools and materials used to tie the selected patterns.

The patterns to be tied for the Bronze level are the Grey Goose Midge Emerger, Dry Pheasant Tail Variant, Orange Partridge Soft Hackle, Wooly Bugger, and the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph. The Bronze Award evaluators in our area are Fred DuPre’ and Jere Anderson who are members of the Dallas Fly Fishers. The cost of evaluation is $ 30.00.

For more information, submission forms and a full outline of the program please visit www.fedflyfishers.org. Click on the tying header. It also features detailed written, photographic, and video tutorials of the patterns mentioned above. In the future a member of the Fort Worth Fly Fishers may consider becoming an evaluator in this program. There is information on the IFFF tying page regarding this. Who will be the first FWFF to achieve Bronze? It could be you!

Mark Kolanowski

FWFF Tying Coordinator

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