Fly Fish Texas March 14 at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

Each year, people from around the state come to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to learn more about fly fishing. Located near Athens, Texas, the TFFC provides a great place to practice casting, tying flies, and even the opportunity to land a rainbow trout on a fly rod. There will be demonstrations and seminars throughout the day, so come for a few hours or make plans to stay all day! If you have never been to Fly Fish Texas, you should really make the 1 hour and 45 min trip from Fort Worth. It is a great event.

All-day Activities (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Topic Location
Fly-Tier’s Roundtable
(featuring Fishy Fullum and Bill Heugel)
Anglers Pavilion
Jere Anderson, coordinator
Casting Instruction Conservation Center Dock/Parking Area
Jim Bass, coordinator
Speaker Presentations on the hour Visitor Center Dive Theater
Speaker Presentations on the hour Conservation Center, Room B
Vendor Booths & Demonstrations Conservation Center, Room A
Beginning Fly-Tying Classes
(Noon – 4 pm)
Conservation Center Classroom
Lee Yeager, coordinator
Trout, Bream & Bass Fishing
(Catch & Release)
Lake Zebco & Fishing Stream along Wetlands Trail

Scheduled Classes and Demonstrations

Time Topic Speaker
Anheuser-Busch Dive Theater
10:00 Basic Fly-Fishing, Care & Feeding of Your Equipment Mark Marmon
11:00 Dive Show
12:00 Putting a Fly on the Water Fishy Fullum
1:00 Demystifying Fly Lines – Things to Consider When Selecting Rex Walker
2:00 Dive Show
3:00 What is a Wild Trout? Phil Rispin
Conservation Center, Room B
10:00 Fly Fishing 101 Bob Cappallo
11:00 Essential Flies for Texas Fresh Water Bruce Sublett
12:00 The Soft Hackled Fly & How to Fish It Tom Bullock
1:00 Open Forum on Single & Double Hand Casting (followed by on-the-water casting outdoors) Gary Davison
2:00 Fishing the B.A.S.S. Slam in Southern US Rivers Timothy Birdsong
3:00 Fly Fishing the Brazos River Russell Husted

Outdoor Seminars (weather permitting)

Shore of Casting Pond in front of Anglers Pavilion
Time Topic Speaker
10:00 What’s In the Water? Aquatic Organisms for the Fly Fisherman Keira Quam
11:00 Tenkara – the Simple Way to Fly Fish Rob Gonzalez
2:00 Fly-Fishing, Kayak Style Jerry Hamon
1:00 Tenkara – the Simple Way to Fly Fish Rob Gonzalez
3:00 What’s In the Water? Aquatic Organisms for the Fly Fisherman Keira Quam

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