Name: Sandy Jarrell

FWFF member since (year): April 1976 – one of the founding members of the first club

Fishing since:  Fishing since the mid-50’s; fly fishing since about 1970

Favorite place to fly fish: Probably the Brazos below PK – that’s where I learned to catch trout on 7X or 8X tippets and #28 flies.

The last place I fly fished: Colorado River out of Plum Park east of Bastrop

My dream fly fishing trip is: The older that I’ve gotten, the easier I am to please. A dream trip location now would be any place that’s not too far, easy to get to and loaded with fish.

Favorite fish to catch:  I don’t really have a favorite; if it swims, it can be fun on a fly rod.

Best fly fishing memory:  Fishing the White and the Norfork Rivers in a snow storm

When I’m not fly fishing, I like to:  Turn wood on a lathe, go shooting, prowl the woods

The reason I like fly fishing is:  I like catching fish on any kind of tackle; but, it just seems to be more fun on a fly rod.

Anything else you would like the club to know about you?  I was president of the first club for a year (may have been the last or next to last one) and a charter member of the current club.

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