Because of low water in the Colorado River, our planned March trip to Colorado Bend State Park has been cancelled. We will now join the Dallas Fly Fishers in a joint excursion to Lake Athens on March 28th. I had the opportunity to fish this lake in December with Johnny Martinez. Even with temperatures in the low 40s, we still managed to catch Largemouth Bass above three pounds.  Please RSVP to Johnny ASAP so that we can start planning for food and shuttle service. You will need some kind of watercraft in order to fish the lake. If you do not have any watercraft, you may have the opportunity to grab a back seat in a boat if you sign up soon. Another option for those without a watercraft is to fish the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center that is located adjacent to the lake. Then, you can meet us for the group lunch at 1:00 PM. This is going to be a great day of fishing and fellowship.


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