Video of the fly in motion.

On Tuesday night, Pat Vanek was the guest speaker at the FWFF meeting. It was a great presentation on fishing for white bass in central Texas. We learned new spots to fish, a very detailed explanation of where fish will hold in different conditions, what lines work best, and new flies to use.

One fly that was really imaginative was the Tacit Minnow. Pat fishes this fly with a sinking line or tip. It has a foam body and marabou tail. Stephen Woodcock decided to try to tie the fly during the Wednesday night fly tying class. It turned out really well.

“Very impressed with this flys motion in the water when fished on a sinking leader and tied on with a loop knot. It is a great baitfish pattern for sand bass and most other predator fish.”

—Stephen Woodcock

For more information on how to tie the pattern, stop by Backwoods and ask Stephen. Or, join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Backwoods on 7th Street for the free fly tying class.


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