The featured fly for this month is The Clown Shoe Caddis tied by FWFF member Chip May. Chip has fished this pattern with great results in the rivers and streams of Colorado . Notably the Estes Park and South Fork areas. The Clown Shoe Caddis is a buoyant and highly visible fly that makes for a great top half of any Dry/Dropper combination. It works as an indicator when nymphing. I myself like fishing a bug on top instead of a plastic bobber. I tend to fish it with more enthusiasm and have been pleasantly surprised when a fish eats the dry. As a standalone fly it has the appeal of a big bushy caddis, hopper imitation. The curved sunken hook is wrapped with D-Rib. This gives the fly the sparkle of an emerging caddis pupa and good hooking percentages as this part of the fly sits below the film. Give it a try! Chip May will be demonstrating the tying of this pattern at a upcoming FWFF meeting.

Step By Step Instructions from Charlie’s Fly Box

Tying Video from

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