Name: Michael Hanvey

FWFF member since (year): 1998

Fishing since:  I’ve been a fisher since I was a child. I don’t remember how old but I was very young. I went fishing with my Grandfather and Mother almost every weekend, where we would stay up real late fishing with Coleman Lanterns.

Favorite place to fly fish: To date? Broken Bow @ Lower Mountain Fork

The last place I fly fished: South Padre Island in the surf… I used a 7wt 8’6” Ross rod with a no-name reel. (I think it was sold by Sears.) The rod performed perfectly, I was casting into “red flag” winds that approached 25mph

My dream fly fishing trip is: Alaska for Coho

and with whom: any other fly fisher who will put up with someone slow.

Favorite fish to catch:  Trout

Best fly fishing memory:  Fishing the Brazos below HWY 16 bridge during one of the releases several years ago there was a trout that kept jumping out of the water downstream from me. It aggravated me that I wasn’t close to him so I made a cast across the stream and began feeding out as much line as I could. When the top water (Griffith gnat) came close to him he nailed it by jumping through the fly carrying it up into the air, I set the hook when he re-entered the water. When I got to thinking about it, I had acted perfectly with the feeding out of line… “A no drag drift” It created something I hadn’t done before, so that catch was special in several ways.

When I’m not fly fishing, I like to:  Make/repair violins and carve gunstocks.

The reason I like fly fishing is:  It is relaxing to be in God’s natural settings no matter where it is, and the repetition of the casting motion, along with the selection of flies makes the sportfun, interesting and “frustrating” at times. J

Anything else you would like the club to know about you?

I was FWFF newsletter chairman for five years… Which, also was a fun job.


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