Here is a report from new FWFF Member JOHN JARZABSKI
“The Dec 5th thru 7th trip to Broken Bow was a success. This was my first trip with the club and I can honestly say I haven’t had as much fun fishing with a group in a long time. The cabin was clean and had all the  amenities you need to have a good stay. The club members led by Bryce Bezant were friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Friday afternoon we spent getting licenses and scouting the river for Saturday’s fishing. The weather was cool but no rain marred the fishing both Saturday and Sunday. I caught rainbows on dry flys, wooly buggers, and nymphs. The local fly shop had advice on what type of flies were hot that week and several of the club took advantage. Most of the rainbows were in the eight to fourteen inch range, but two twenty plus rainbows were caught. The area is very beautiful and has lots of room for hiking, kayaking, birding, or whatever outdoor activity you are interested in.  At night we gathered for dinner then relaxed at the cabin rehashing the days fishing and planning for the next day. I recommend anyone thinking of participating in one of these trips to sign up especially if you are new as I got plenty of help and advice on fly selection and techniques to use. Many thanks to all that helped this newbie catch some trout.”
Please send more stories and reports from last weekend to!

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