When the TPWD stocks trout in the area, the only location that I really enjoy fishing is the Brazos River below the Possum Kingdom Dam. There are several reasons for this. First, it is a much more scenic location than most (if not all) of the other locations that are stocked in north Texas. Also, there is the chance for some pretty good fun near the dam on different species besides just trout. You can catch bass, sunfish, carp, white bass, and even striper near the dam. In fact the striper in the picture was caught last year near the PK dam. It fought much harder than the trout do!

In Goodbye to a River, John Graves writes, “The Brazos belonged to me that afternoon, all of it. It really did. The autumn-blue sky . . . the yellow-white air, the cedars and oaks green and gold and red, the rocks the size of buildings, the sun on my back, the steady, comfortable stroke of the paddling . . . It was mine.” If you are hitting the Brazos on Saturday, I can almost guarantee you that the Brazos will NOT belong to just you in the afternoon. There will be others there. If you can, try to go during the week!

If you have never been to the Brazos to fish for trout, this is what worked best last year. Although things change, I would suggest trying this first:

1. Find this spot by the 16 Bridge.

2. Throw a olive wooly bugger across the river, letting it sink for about 10 seconds. Then strip it back in using short quick movements with a pause. If that doesn’t work, put a 2nd, smaller fly about 18″ behind the wooly bugger.

If this doesn’t work, concentrate on the riffles below the bridge. Use an indicator and two of your favorite nymphs to try and fool the fish.

Good luck, and send in your success stories and pictures to



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