These fish were born to be dinner. Eat them.

These fish were born to be dinner. Eat them.

It is (almost) trout time in Texas!

Each year the TPWD puts in rainbow trout to encourage fishing throughout the state of Texas. While this is maybe not as fun as stalking native brook trout on a tiny Colorado stream, it is still fishing for trout.

Find all of the stocking information from the TPWD here.

Some dates of note:

November 26th–Greenbriar Park in south Fort Worth

November 28th–Athens at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

December 2nd–Bailey Lake in Burleson (I think this is a new stocking location–does anyone know?)

December 4th–First Brazos at Possum Kingdom stocking

December 7th–First Canyon Tailrace stocking (Guadalupe River)

December 12th–First LLELA stocking

January 7th–Trinity River stockings at both River Park and Trinity Park (over 5,000 fish stocked on one day)

This is a good chance for new and old members to share tips and techniques for catching these trout. Check the forums for more information!

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