There are many of us in the Fort Worth Fly Fishers organization that are facing all the slings and arrows of aging, and although fly fishing certainly intoxicates us with feeling younger than we really are: The arrows of aging will eventually hit their targets.

Rather than go-it-alone, I wanted to take a rare opportunity to offer up new discussion board topics intended for members to share information, not so much about our own personal health, but about health topics that we all need to know about these days.

I started it off with a Movember topic in discussion, and hope we can move forward from there – so that I can learn personally from those with more experience on the topic of men’s prostate problems (I hate the word “issues”).

As a club, it seems like discussions among members will have the added benefits of knowing who we are sharing with, and being able to talk about things your Facebook Friends may not talk about as freely. You can count on me to keep asking questions on the Health & Wellness boards, and I hope I can count on FWFF members for answers.

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