Redfish tail from Aranasas Pass

Redfish tail from Aransas Pass

What a great weekend at the coast! It was hard to get back to the grind at work on Monday. Several of our members have shared quotes about their time at the coast last weekend.

“Great weather, scenery, and fishing came together to make an awesome trip. The variety between flats and jetty fishing kept it exciting from start to finish. Seeing the Spanish mackerel and skipjack explode from to rocks to crush my fly got my adrenaline pumping! I can promise I will be back down very soon looking for some tailing reds on the flats and mackerel on the jetty. Thanks for an amazing trip!”—Simon G.

“My first club outing with the FWFF was a great experience and very enjoyable. Everyone was very friendly and more than willing to give tips and help out in any way they could. I will be joining the club and look forward to the next outing.”—Russell S.

“The salt. It draws me in and makes it hard to go to sleep. We got into Aransas Pass at 1:30 am on Thursday night and I kept checking the clock every 30 minutes hoping it was time to head for the flats and the jetties. You never know what will smash your fly and make your drag scream. The second the before the tug happens is calm. Then all heck breaks loose. That is why we go.”–Mike M.

The coast outing was a great success. Thanks again to Bryce for putting the outing together.


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