Fly Tying


Local Tying Venues

One of the best ways to improve and learn new tying skills and make new friends is to attend one of the tying events held in our area on a weekly basis. If you are a seasoned and experienced tyer you can bet that many of us would be glad to learn a new pattern or technique. If you are new to the whole mystifying ordeal of putting thread and feathers on a hook do not be intimidated. Come and watch , enjoy a cold one ,catch up on recent fishing reports. If you think you might give it a try no investment is needed. Plenty of our club members will share an extra vise and tools to get you started. Try before you buy….

Locations and Times


2727 W. 7th St. Fort Worth TX 76107


Wednesday nights @ 6:30 . Call ahead for details and information.

Stephen Woodcock is the Backwoods fly fishing manager and go to guy for all your fly fishing needs. Stephen was instrumental in getting my fly tying off to a good start a few years ago. He was kind enough to loan me a vise and tools at a Wednesday night tie session. He didn’t laugh too loud when I put my dumbbell eyes on the wrong side of the hook and then had to show me how to whip finish at least a dozen times ! Backwoods fly tie nights are well attended with lots of knowledgeable tyers that are willing to help and share.


Cafe Acapulco

4001W. Green Oaks Blvd. Suite 121 Arlington TX 76016 817-483-4171

Thursday nights : Dinner and drinks @ 5:15-5:30 pm   Tying starts @ 6:30 pm

This group is growing in attendance. Usually headed up by FWFF members Les Jackson and Mike McCorkhill . We enjoy the Mexican cuisine and cold drinks served by Lynda before making the fur, feathers and lies fly. If you don’t mind a bit of rabbit fur in your salsa or peacock herl in your PBR come join us !

Our Local Cabela’s 817-337-2400 and Bass Pro Shops 972-724-2018 have in the past hosted fly tying sessions . Contact their fly fishing departments for details.