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The Fort Worth Fly Fishers have trash collection bags available at every meeting. We are asking that each of us do our part, by picking up trash each time we go out into the field. Each outing we will go on, time will be allotted to help clean up the area we are enjoying. These bags are easy to haul around, lightweight, bio-degradable, and will last for a long time. Please take two and use them each time you go out.


Conservation Projects– Southwest Nature Preserve

On Saturday, October 3, 2015, Fort Worth Fly Fishers, Dallas Fly Fishers and other fly fishing community volunteers removed cat tails from a future floating fishing pier site on the upper pond and removed pond weeds using tools that were purchased from a Cabela’s grant (via FWFF).  Thanks, Bill Stuart, Les Jackson, Craig & Jessie Lutz, Roger Slagle, Mike McCorkhill and Jose Benavides for your ongoing efforts to make the Arlington Southwest Nature Preserve an educational fishing demonstration area.

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Give a fly fisher a tool and he/she will use it to improve habitat.  Les Jackson and Roger Slagle working to remove rough pond weed (an invasive species) from the lower pond at Arlington Southwest Nature Preserve.  This work will help balance the ecosystem on the pond.

Thanks and remember, we can make a difference!!